The potting seat that you are something like to read astir is not fancy, but hugely utilitarian. It is besides hugely smooth to make and use. Except it doesn't have any legs! Don't panic, having a legless potting slab is certainly a windfall. I'll get to that a weeny next.

The potting counter represented in this nonfictional prose is in actuality transposable to the potting board that we have been exploitation for eld in our yard nursery, and it has served us well, potting up tens of thousands of flowers. I look-alike it because it is big satisfactory to pot up circa ten short flowers at a time, and it holds a significant amount of gravel.

However, since I originally wrote this article, I designed and improved a potting slab for dwelling gardeners that you may similar to better-quality. There are piles of photos and tactical manoeuvre by tactical maneuver strategy for creation it on this page:

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On the preceding page you will too breakthrough a photo of one of my different potting board designs, an jakes with a impudent out potting bench! It's unique, that's for positive.

Okay., posterior to my legless potting board.

Here's a stumpy catalogue of what you'll inevitability to make Mike's rugged, but serviceable potting stall.

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Tools: A screwdriver, a minor box trauma or rounded wrench, or if you have a 1/4" driving force point set that's even advanced. A slip measure, a diminutive square, a drill, and a all-powerfulness saw.

Materials: One swarming leaf (4' by 8') of 3/4" burned plyboard. Make in no doubt it is burnt so it will final a womb-to-tomb circumstance. Untreated plyboard does not prehension up healed at all exterior.

15 dohickeys (you know, those half-size metallic space brackets, or cranny brackets used to link up two boarding equally at a apposite angle.) These bimetallic brackets are curved in a 90 degree angle and have two holes drilled in them.

30 bolts beside bats 1-¼" long, and the exact proportions to fit the angle brackets you buy.

60 level washers that fit the bolts.

To see the potting seat you are active to build, go to

"Mike's Legless Potting Bench"
If you use this nonfictional prose you can use the photos that attend the article, as semipermanent as you set out the quotation to on the photos.

Notice in the preceding documented photo that one end of the slab is resting on the potting dirtiness pile, and the other on real blocks. Not having staying power is genuinely an dominance because you can get the potting stand overmuch human to your potting dirtiness collection.

Before you start, mark out this out on composition so you know precisely what all serving of wood is held to outward show like before brand any cuts. This way you won't spawn a blunder that will damage your section of laminate.

Lay the plyboard on a dead flat surface, like-minded your garage flooring. From one end measurement in 16" and outline a stripe crosstown the piece of paper of plyboard. With your saw, cut along this flash. The leaf that you are piece off is 16" by 48".

Now draw a oblique formation across the less important sliver of laminate. (The one you right separate from the folio.) Cut on this smudge. You should now have two triangular pieces that gauge 48" on one sidelong and 16" on one broadside.

These pieces should be in the form of a accurate polygonal shape. Now you are going to shift a trifling particle from the cigar-shaped end of the triangular pieces. To do this, weigh up 24" from the precisely angle, along the 48" side and product a mark. Using a small quadrate sketch a formation from this mark decussate the acanthous end of the plyboard. This vein should be at a well-matched angle to the 48" edge of the sheet. This column should solitary be give or take a few 4" lifelong. Cut along this line, removing the least slip from the acuate end. Discard the paltry wisp you cut off. The particle you have moved out should be 16" on one end, 24" on one side, and roughly 4" wherever you ready-made the cut to shift the nibbed end.

The two lesser boarding you have left should be equal. These are the sides for your potting bench.

Now rear to the bigger portion of coppice. This bit should now test 80" by 48". From the agelong line-up determine over and done with 16" and game of chance a column from one end to the another. Cut on this flash. The chunk you are removing should be 16" by 80", going away a segment 32" by 80".

These two pieces will spoon over as the nethermost and the rear legs of your potting desk. Take the backbone hunk and support it on edge, on top of the pane that will dollop as the bottom of the board to get an concept of how your potting seat is going to fit together. Make v simon marks where you will prominence the space brackets that will enclose these two pieces unneurotic. Just opportunity the five brackets along the two boards, fashioning certain not to put any too push to to the end so they don't snoop once you establish the two end pieces. Just bread and butter the brackets in the region of 1-½" from all end.

Note: Once you have the brackets installed and the bolts all clinched you mightiness impoverishment to cut off the ends of the bolts and record them waxy if they are projected out so far as to be a danger once you are manual labor the potting stall.

Once you have all cardinal brackets installed and the pay for of the potting stand affixed to the bottom, you can then position the two on the side pieces. With the two edge pieces installed you are now the bragging man of affairs of a legless potting stall. You can pose staying power if you'd look-alike to, but I like hole in the ground without stamina because I can get it by a long chalk individual to my heap of potting mud.

What I do is chill out one end of the counter accurate on the aggregation of potting soil, and next assistance the separate end beside a saw horse, tangible blocks, or beverage crates. By introduction one end suitable on the dirtiness pile, it is immensely undemanding to hand tool the grunge onto the counter. Not having toughness besides makes the stand easier to bank and transport around.

When I privation to use it as a table for making cuttings, I vindicatory put a saw equine nether all end.

There you have it. Mike's notorious legless potting slab. It ain't pretty, but it's thoroughly useful.



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