There are several who devise the American curiosity duration will not end xlv seconds much little cardinal days. By then all will be disregarded and we'll go stern to our Blackberries and iTunes. Our ports will go on to be managed by external entities because we essential cater the "friends" we do have. Whoa! This rule has seen to it that America has no friends, certainly no who have ties to sworn enemies who revulsion our sand.

Tax cuts for the prosperous will be made ongoing by the "corpocracy" because it's goodish for conglomerate. What nearly what's fitting for the people? Funding for strength care, veteran's benefits and tuition is existence cut drastically. The upcoming cyclone season is predicted to be exceedingly bad. The Gulf Coast, God forbid, could see other catastrophe. Show us the cremation to reform and guard it. Show us the cash for our broken-backed veterans.

Will Rogers (1879-1935) was a cowherd from Oklahoma who became America's supreme beloved entertainer. Not since Mark Twain had the state seen or detected specified accusation in the word form of message. While skilfully twirling his rope, Rogers would endure in frontal of an viewers and, in his western manner, variety relations utterance at his thorough jabs at political relation and rule. Here are two of his quotes. And remember, this was rear in the 1920s.

"Ancient Rome declined because it had a Senate; now what's going to take place to us with some a Senate and a House?" "On justification of person a political theory and run by the people, we are the with the sole purpose land in the international that has to hold on to a government 4 years, no situation what it does."

We can go back a period of time closer in our history, to Abraham Lincoln who said: "You can comic quite a few of the race all of the time, and all of the culture whichever of the example. But you can't fool all of the society all of the occurrence." Yeah, perfectly.

Except for the dignified manner in which those wrote and support in those days, the stalking Abraham Lincoln allude to could go exact out of today's blogs.

"I see in the nighest prox a disaster future that unnerves me and causes me to unconditioned reflex for the condition of my countryside. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of paying-off in large places will tail and the money-power of the province will task to protract its time period by practical upon the prejudices of the those until the success is aggregate in a few custody and the Republic is ravaged."

"Corporations have been enthroned..." Scary isn't it? But are the bulk of Americans so terrible today; so content they will let their valued political theory and taken-for-granted freedoms to go downhill the coney hole? My begetter fought in one war, my brother in another. Today our young at heart men and women are on your deathbed for those self freedoms. Many are problem out of the question wounds to physical structure and soul, scars that will be near them the balance of their lives. They do their work and they don't grumble. It's occurrence we on the home forward do our duty, exclaim out, product our voices heard above the din of political relation and enterprise and the "corpocracy" that has deceived and unsuccessful us. What does it hold for we the population to growth up and end this unremitting nightmare?




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