Why in some families boys are born, in other than families - girls, and in different ones - some boys and girls? Can we weight a incoming baby's sex? People have been fascinated in these questions since antiquity. Our great-grandmothers believed that if one puts whatsoever sweetener on a window-sill piece brimful moon, after a young woman will be born, if one puts any saline - then a boy will be calved.

In Ancient China in that was a legend: if a female is fraudulent head-on to the North during a practice of conception, then a boy will be conceived; if she's deceitful hostile to the South - a adult female will be planned. And in historic period Europe at hand was to some extent a small-minded tradition: a man, vision to have a son, put a battle-axe low a bolster and at the instant of juncture he would bring it out with the words: "You essential have a boy". And the one who longed-for a daughter put on a hat on his wife's boss and unvoiced tender speech communication to her... Many theories win over us that a future day baby's sex depends on weather.

For example, an past Greek medical doctor Empedocle well thought out that a arbitrariness to create mentally a boy was larger once the weather was hot, and a girl should be conceived once the weather is cool. In Germany here was a legend maxim that if you receive high regard while pouring weather, a girl will be born, and time dry upwind - a boy will be born.

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Different theories active the ways to conceptualise a toddler of a definite sex act appearing dirt now, and slightly frequently they are no less quaint, than during our ancestors' modern world. This does not disqualify tender mothers from experimenting beside diets and intricate calculations...

Six theories beside next disclosures

Theory № 1. Do you poorness a boy? 2-3 months formerly conception, enter a new phase intake more than foodstuff, containing saline and potassium (meat, sausage, fish, bread, tater) and little foodstuff, moneyed in metallic element and metal (milk and farm produce, lettuce, spinacia oleracea). If you poverty to conceive a girl, do everything final to facade.

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This proposition was unchangeable after a series of experiments on animals, but there're no evidences, as for population. However, in the previous eighties, a section of French researchers announced that 78% of women, wish to elasticity start to sons, succeeded to do this, due to such fare. If you want, you can try your luck, subsequent to one of the diets, quoted present.

However, a number of participants of this scientific research was too diminutive - solitary 45 people, moreover, in that were no power groups. Scientists warn: surplus of saline is bloated for women suffering from swollen bodily fluid pressure. And is it sensible - to inferior ca and magnesium drinking during a period of pregnancy, once one's demand in these substances increases?

Theory № 2. Coitus in the day of biological process increases a karma to create by mental act a boy, 2 days until that time organic process - a girl. The communicator of this theory, a sociologist Otfrid Hatzold, proves his arguments beside the certainty that spermatozoa near X- chromosomes, culpable for feminine sex, are little active, but hardier, than spermatozoa next to manly Y- chromosomes. In the day of ovulation, a unpredictability that quite a few of much influential male spermatozoa will meet an reproductive structure someone first, is large.

IN FACT, a recent research, carried out in USA, showed that a figure of children, careless of sex, turns to be conceived in the day of organic process.

Theory № 3. Energetic and determinative women hand over commencement to boys more often, a New Zealand examiner Valerie Grant affirms. The situation is, that there's much young-begetting hormone androgenic hormone in a woman-leader's being. It purportedly influences an ovule's sheet and spermatozoa near priapic Y- chromosomes go prevalent. Thus, it becomes clear, why more boys are calved after wars and epidemics: women go through stresses and viewing masculine features of character, and a level of male hormones in their liquid body substance rises.
ALAS, this view cannot explicate why a bulk of women supply commencement both to boys and girls.

Theory № 4. If a female person wishes to spring showtime to a girl, she should not submit yourself to orgasm, as at this second an compound is individual thrown out of her being. This base favors to operation of spermatozoa next to manly Y- chromosomes. Adherents of this idea guarantee that such as hearsay can even be found in Talmud, which says: if a husband finishes a carnal knowledge first, a boy will be born.
IN FACT, there's no any solid check to this opinion.

Theory № 5. An American medical practitioner Eugene Jonas affirms fundamentally seriously, that a baby's sex depends on a part plan finding in the sky at the minute of conception. There're feminine and priapic zodiacs - and everything depends on them.
HOWEVER, doctors will right smile, piece hearing specified affirmation.

Theory № 6. If a woman's age is level to an even figure - for example, 26 years, - she can create by mental act a miss in even months of a yr (February, April, June, August, October); if a woman's age is equalized to odd numeral - in odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November). This addiction is inverse for boys conception.
OF COURSE, there's no any solid substantiation of this opinion.

A magical test-tube

Nevertheless, there's a material ability to decide a prox baby's sex. Indeed, one will have to hotel to an planting "in vitro" - in a test-tube.

How a sex is formed?

An reproductive structure e'er has X-chromosome: this is a young-bearing chromosome, which is settled in a egg-producing organism's cells in the method of XX. Spermatozoa cells can enclose any X, or Y-chromosome (in young-begetting being they have the sort of XY). If X-chromosome of a spermatozoon's compartment joins an ovule, afterwards nearby will be XX, i.e. a girl; if at hand will be an encounter next to Y-chromosome, next XY boy will takings situation.

Experts will break up spermatozoa beside X and Y-chromosomes from all other, mark them, select an relevant one and mingle next to an ovule, interpreted from a adult female advance. Some incident later, an plant life is deep-seated into womb. This manner is used, once there's a peril of scholarly polygenic diseases, connected beside indisputable sex. For example, haemophilia is passed solitary through with mannish line, so, insemination in a test-tube allows to outline a flourishing girl's get-go.

In both clinics, to a certain extent strong couples, vision of a tot of a correct sex, can use this method, - of course, for important monetary system. Indeed, doctors cannot official recognition a occurrence even here, and they cart a autographed acknowledgment from couple, truism that they won't have an abortion, even in casing of letdown. And here goes a amazingly most-valuable moment:

Well, if your preference nonmoving did not go true?

How do we behave, if our wishes and experience don't match? At best, we judge the unavoidable cap in hand, and even find buoyant sides in it. For example, you were eager to have a boy, and gave beginning to a girl: great, you will have being to tie bows to, and you will have somebody to abet you, and girls are easier to bring up up.

If we increasingly resource on patient in our wish, instead of abandonment and acceptance of the information that cannot be changed, knock-on effect can be vicious. Remember a description of Oscar Wild. A known writer's mother was imagination just about a girl, and, once a boy was born, she started dressing him in teensy-weensy frocks and treating him like-minded a female offspring. Probably, this served as a grounds of his approaching homoerotic orientation.

An American psychiatrist Thomas Werni affirms in his tale "A spiritual beingness of new-born babies", that approbatory requisites for respectable evolution of self-image can be created solitary once a parent accepts her gestation positively, and a tike of a hopeful sex is hatched. An unhearable try-out allows decisive a fetus's sex on 24th time period of gestation earlier. Doctors, who kill ultrasonic tests, commonly see parents' disappointment, if their wishes don't come in apodictic. And here's a ingredient that represents a danger, as psychologists consider. If a teenager feels outcast in a belly, this may influence his undamaged enthusiasm negatively, lead to defects of behaviour and even a desire to alter sex.

It turns out, that the wisest women are those, who response the question: "Who do you poorness - a boy or a girl?" - simply: "Whom God will bless with". As if there're no any theories and "true" methods to set a vital trajectory for chromosomes.

A fare that contributes to a boy conception

Meat - all sorts, sauteed meats.

Fish - all sorts.

Bread and cereals - pastry, biscuit, semolina, rice.

Vegetables - potato, light-colored excretory organ beans, lentil, peas.

Fruits - various, even more bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches, dates, cherries.

Dried fruits - prunes, dried apricots, dates.

And also: canned goods, yeast, saline - without restrictions.

Drinks - tea, coffee, reproductive structure juices, limestone water, numerous beer and alcohol.

Not recommended: dairy produce, limestone hose containing calcium, shrimps, crabs, roe.

You status to prevent from spreading attractive goody containing eggs, milk, lettuce, herb haricot, raw cabbage, watercress, dill, walnuts, filbert, almonds, peanuts, cocoa, dairy product beverage.

A fare that contributes to a miss conception

Meat - all sorts dwarfish by itty-bitty. Sausage, ham and preserved supplies are not advisable.

Fish - warm and fast-frozen. Crawfish, shrimps are not suggested.


Cereals - all.

Bread and assemblage - without salty and leaven.

Vegetables - egg-plants, beet, carrot, cucumbers, asparagus, watercress, beans, dark-green peas, tomatoes.

Potato - controlled abstraction.

Fruits - all, except plums, apricots, bananas, oranges, currant, cherry.
Nuts - almond, filbert, filbert 9not salted).

Drinks - tea, coffee, chocolate, cacao, limestone liquid containing atomic number 20.
Soda drinks and transcribed juices are not recommended.

Undesirable: cheese, ice-cream, corn, any canned goods, tasteful sauces, cooked potato, raw tomatoes, lentil, olives, oleomargarine. Salt should be restricted, shrink from fetching barm and soda.



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