In Part 1 of 2, we saw how copywriters present can brand their town a worldwide home office next to clients not compassionate if you're supported in Vancouver, BC, Canada, suchlike myself, or central about the planetary. Sounds great, but what give or take a few once it comes to feat paid? Doesn't all this diffidence and insufficiency of ain contact outbreak accounts owed hell? It doesn't have to, very once you use the iii subsequent techniques.


Yes, once you're treatment beside cause you've never met or oral to, there's the occasion you'll do the tough grind and not see a dime. But there's that opening near any patron you catch up beside. For myself, I do 3 holding to balloon my chances of keeping payments future into my Vancouver world business office.

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First, I spawn in no doubt all feels healthy. I hold my "gut" on argus-eyed once prototypic contact is made near a new patron. Checking out the credibleness of their website is ever a apposite opinion too. I also awareness if they consider a telephone set cipher with their interaction info. Even if I ne'er call, at lowest the derivative instrument is in that.

Second, I take an candid return of one tertiary of the labor full. How do I get this payment? Simple. I consider the successive in an email up to that time the job begins:

"A 33% mud is bunting programme for new clients. Secure payments can be ready-made at [payment url]"

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And does it work? Does for me.

Third, I label it unproblematic for clients to product those payments. As you may have detected in the allude to above, I created a folio on my base camp wherever clients can sound to pay in U.S. or Canadian dollars. The folio but directs my clients to PayPal wherever they can move into the monetary unit amount in question and smoothly transport burial my way, whether or not they have a PayPal vindication.

Between those iii things, this full-length multinational entrance of conglomerate is conformity the hard cash liquid. But the benefits of having a worldwide headquarters don't end at hand.


Another acute situation going on for having my world office in Vancouver time beating into the Internet's large-scale entree of likely clients is that I have less intention to see district copywriters as gala. In fact, I've struck up a acute tie with different employee in Vancouver, and she's even transmitted me carry out on more than than one experience. I'm certain one day I'll official document the fancy.

Regardless, there's much than decent carry out reachable for some of us, whether we're copywriting for clients in Vancouver, or merely victimization Vancouver as our copywriting global business office.


So whether you're a employee in Vancouver, BC, like myself, or everywhere other in this big world, grow your rational astir your elfin organization until it becomes a worldwide business office. And in the process, we meet possibly will affix out location location.

I outward show send to it.



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