This is a undertaking I've had on the rear apparatus for frequent months
now, but now it's in the long run ready!

We lateen up a wireless photographic equipment and aimed it at the KOI pond here,
directly where on earth my KOI get their every day feedings. To bank check it out
right now, stop by .

Right now, it's honourable a exposure that can be updated by hitting
your 'refresh' control on your looker - but shortly we'll have it
available as a transude picture nutrient.

The KOI get weak feedings at the present time listed on the website.
check out my new auto-feeder called 'Koi-Cafe' as well shows at
. This feeder is run by battery, and as well comes
with a star panel for re-charging the battery! It's not hooked
up yet, but it's lifeless beautiful surprising.

The feeder makes secure that my sharp-set paltry underwater pigs get
all the stores they inevitability to push mammoth and healthy. Plus, we've
just else one new aquatic vertebrate recently, precise out of Charles Lewis'
(President of The Tropical Koi Club of South Florida) personal
collection. We'll be having a ikon tour of Charles' tarn very
soon - he's got several handsome support koi in his 10,000 gallon

Charles has besides transcribed a couple out of the ordinary articles on Water
Quality and how to baulk at 'New Pond Syndrome' which you can read
at the KOI FLA website here: []

Or you can right the piece direcly here:

We also make the acquaintance of your observations just about KOI Cam! Feel free of charge to email
us at with your thoughts and

Stay tuned for more than KOI-cam announcements...



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