In the first lesson, we cultured how to devise a Letterhead. In this article, we will learn to compile else letter paper items mistreatment our example.

Making Compliment Slips:

In Microsoft Word, click on 'new' from the toolbar. A new database will widen. We entail to means our new labor. First, to get the supreme black and white area, go to 'File' - 'Page Setup'. Set the top and support margins to 0. Click 'ok'. A warning box will appear, alerting you around pocket-size margins. Click 'fix' - 'ok'. Go to the 'File Menu' and clink 'Save'.

Next, we involve a lodge to manufacture collection. Go to the 'Insert Menu' and clink on 'Text Box'. Click at the top of the page and 'drag' the gnawing animal diagonally, to fabricate a Text Box.

Tip: You can't put a see or 'ClipArt' into a record box, as a result you essential cancel the envision or ClipArt up to that time continuing. BE SURE: When you hand-to-hand the guide and are asked if you privation to pick up the changes, chink 'no'. This will give your visualize or ClipArt in your example. Paste the primer in the essay box and constrict 'enter'.

Click al fresco the deed box and place your montage or ClipArt. In instruction 1, we barnacled how to plant ClipArt.

Note: If you ever status to variation the substance in your Stationery, fix the article in your stationery primary.

You should be able to fit 3 Compliment slips on one leaf. To make the 2d one, click on the set book box. Right-click and select replicate from the bill of fare. Click external the box, right-click and decide on 'Paste'. A ordinal course book box will appear, on top of the introductory one. Click on it and haul it trailing underneath the most basic one. Repeat the steps for this one and the next one, same we did the most basic one.

You don't privation the deed box limit to print, so clink on the box - go to the 'Format Menu' - 'Text Box'. Choose the 'Colors and Lines tab'. in the 'line' section, chink on the 'Color' box - 'no line' - 'ok'. Got to the 'File menu' and sound 'print'.

You impoverishment your Business Cards to light your Letterhead and Compliments Slip. We will swot up to do Business Cards in other teaching.



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