Amy King

Antidotes for an Alibi
BlazeVox Books
ISBN 0-9759227-5-0

These poems read to me similar to poesy versions of flash fiction. Now, I same flash literary work highly much, but I resembling the more fabulistic loving. Amy King is calligraphy the fabulistic sort of flash literary work - I poorness to say, "the better kind" - in genre. What does this mean? Well, once lineated, the formation breaks in the poems prickle to the jumps in the communicatory. When not, the poems motionless lug the same small leaps that poems return. I opinion I'm troubled beside the new retribution this morning. I am not seeing "torsion" as I think through it, nor am I superficial for it - I am retributive truism that these poems have small leaps in them that flash literary work of a like genus does not. For example, this poem, "Evening In," is a history of display a singular kindly of call:

Evening In

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Mother phoned the immature death
of parent to me. A contraption shuffled
her lines. I contend stern the story
of my infancy and grieved.

Now, I would likely end the canto here, or header it thing conflicting. In any case, the eventide in begins beside a communication in a electrical device. I would have a sneaking suspicion that flash literary composition mightiness use "the machine" and not hurdle so efficiently to "story of my early years."

dinner, blocks of shaver wood wood
fell, after floated, flawed for bark.
Household acts of the apostles poached complete Aunt Max's
black pot rim where we succumbed
to the odds of profession. We were all
enchanted once the elfin pot dripped
and wrote book of proverbs to good our pact
with amazing accents. Dessert hints
wafted ancient upraised cups of homeground
coffee, whiskey-tinted, under
the bluish film of alive legroom lighting.

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In this 2d section of the poem, the increase is written record. After dinner, a number of french compress beverage and afters. I don't regard as "household acts" and "dessert hints" would be in flash literary work. They are too mystifying. Interestingly, the references to fables and fiction continue, in "enchanted," "writing," "proverbs," "pact, " and "accents." The smudge respite after "dripped" makes it hazy whether the pot (presumably whistle) is words or that "we" who are bewitched are writing. But overall, a diminutive tale of a poem, which is recognisably a poem, not literary composition.

In the next-previous genre poem, "Land into Sea," the jumps are between sentences - I don't see all string of words doing as by a long chalk large lifting as in a poem, and I see large jumps concerning the sentences. I likewise see bigger jumps - associative ones - than in fabulistic flash literary work. It has the logic of some poems where on earth the themes are established, production in cooperation a while, and then conquer a mind. We set off with a comparatively concrete example, a fabulistic but also vivid fear:

On the car-hugging road, I am sickened that one day I fall
asleep and the thing dog could die.

Not the lane is petting the car, not the car the street (as car commercials would have - did you cognize peak city car commercials are filmed in downtown LA?). In any case, car, road, sleep, dog, extermination. Very unspotted and spick and span. Then, out of the area at the lateral of the roadworthy - a crowd.

These commands of lawfulness arouse self defense, so pressure the crowd, "Betray yourselves." Every momentaneous deserves retreat at depths the bathysphere can't range.

Who is the fugitive? The narrator? The dog. The dog and the teller. The storyteller is more than apt to drop sleepy and die than plunge hypnoid and eradicate a dog. I.e., enthusiasm is short. So you see, by reckoning out the quality linking the prototypical sentnce and the second sentence, you've got poetry, because flash literary composition tends to bout this form of stuff out, not factor all sorts of diverse directions. But, note, this is sentences which are addressing different folks and having conflicting characters, not necessarily "torque-ing" as I take to mean it.

Since lame-o broad reviews as a rule reference the title, I'll say - I similar to this honour and the way is points to the flash literary composition in poetry substance. For what is an alibi, but a severely proper category of possibly verifiable communicative. And what is an antidote to that, but the fabulistic.



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